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Markus Peter, Ulrike Tillmann, Park Books, 2019,



The Residential High-Rises Romeo and Julia, 1954–1959

Romeo and Julia, two residential high-rises in Stuttgart, built 1954–59 and designed by Hans Scharoun (1893–1972), constitute the most original and far-reaching of the various attempts to re-design the entire “process of living” that this extraordinary protagonist of Germany's modern architecture undertook. Over decades, Scharoun had woven and extensive network of research and knowledge systems as a basis for his floor-plan designs. His unpublished writings and, even more importantly, his lectures from between 1947 and 1958 reveal the countless threads of research and discourse, which his work in residential architecture referenced and absorbed. They highlight the sometimes contradictory, yet constant renewal and consolidation of his knowledge in the field of housing.

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Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten,


This two-part publication is a catalogue for the UNIKUM exhibition from Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten, which took place at the Architecture Gallery Berlin from September 6th till October 20th 2018. Part I is a collection about 110 memorable floor plans, which were presented as a wallpaper at the exhibition. Part II provides an overview of the current work from Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten.

Published from Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten AG, Zurich. 100 and 140 pages, since mid-September available at the Hochparterre bookstore.

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Jean Claude Maissen, Markus Peter, Park Books, 2016,

Freilager Zurich

This book treats the transformation of the former Zollfreilager-Areal in zurich to a new urban quarter with about 800 rented flats and 200 student rooms. The publication presents the matter plan, each single building and the landscape design.

The book included many large-sized photos of appartements uninhabited as well as inhabited, floor plans and texts of the architects and their concepts.

Text: German

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Meili Peter Architekten, André Bideau, Park Books, 2015


The construction monograph documents the realized City West / Zölly  building project at the Zurich marshalling yard orVorbahnhof. The magazine with its approximately 70 pages includes a comprehensive documentation of the Zölly residential high-rise with a report on the assembly and system of pre-fabricated elements used as well as views of the longhouse flats. Includes an interview with Patrick Gmür and a text by André Bideau. The publication is available from Park Books (texts in German). 

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Diverse Autoren, Prestel Verlag, 2014


Es ist eine gute Tradition, herausragenden Immobilien und deren Enstehung ein Buch zu widmen. Dies gilt auch für die Hofstatt im Herzen der Münchner Altstadt. Das Projekt hat 2014 den Deutschen Städtebaupreis erhalten. Das Buch stellt die umfangreiche Überbauung und die Entstehungsgeschichte mit vielen Illustrationen, Fotografien und Texten dar. 

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Günther Vogt & Marcel Meili, Eigenverlag, 2012

Fünf Orte in der Schweiz

The Fünf Orte in der Schweiz (Five Places in Switzerland) study is based on “Switzerland – an Urban Portrait” by ETH Studio Basel which, in turn, bases its questions on the insight that the spatial and urban development in formerly rural areas cannot export the urban imagery and preferences of a city. Edited by Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten, and Günther Vogt, assisted by Sarah Escher, Dominique Ghiggi, Rolf Breer, Christine Sima, and Caroline Riede.

Text: German

Diverse Autoren, Park Books, 2012


This two-part publication is dedicated to the history and future development of the Freilager, the bonded-warehouse site. This paper broaches the issue of the basic conditions, development, and characteristics of the design plan as well as its integration into the existing environment by photographs, models, drawings, and texts. The magazine presents, in the sense of a planning atlas, the 195 new flats to be created due to the conversion and extension of the original buildings on the site.

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Marcel Meili, Christoph Schaub, Scheidegger&Spiess, 2010

Il Girasole

Not far from Verona, there is a remarkable villa on a huge reddish rock in the midst of a park. Inside, there is a motor able to turn the house 360° around its own axis: built in 1935 by Angelo Invernizzi, Villa Girasole follows the path of the sun or the vistas of the surrounding landscape. The film Il Girasole shows the architecture and atmosphere of the villa, its rooms, and interior design and, thus, turns into an imaginary space of the life of that time. The building becomes the resonating body of the eccentric ideas of that time.

Italian with German subtitles

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Diverse Autoren, Verlag Niggli, 2009


Adolf Krischanitz and his team developed the master plan for a new model of a state-aided housing project on the outskirts of Vienna. This vision of ten instead of the originally planned twelve buildings has become reality. Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten took part with a project of their own, as did Peter Märkli, Roger Diener, Otto Steidle, Hans Kollhoff, Max Dulder, Hein Tesar, Hermann Czech, and Adolf Krischanitz. The book was published by Krischanitz’s studio and presents all realized projects.

Text: German

Diverse Autoren, Scheidegger&Spiess, 2008


Marcel Meili, Markus Peter 1987–2008 chronicles in detail the philosophy of a successful modern European architecture firm and is an informative resource for architects and urban planners alike.
Marcel Meili, Markus Peter 1987–2008 received an award from Stiftung Buchkunst in the 2008 competition Most Beautiful Books from Germany. It was also a nominee for the 2009 German Design Award.

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Marcel Meili, Markus Peter, Scheidegger&Spiess, 2005


Football stadiums are more than just venues of games and big feelings. As part of the global entertainment industry, they must satisfy the most diverse needs of today. Play Pentagon presents the plans and sketches as well as the design and engineering considerations on which the design of the Hardturm Stadium is based. The publication was produced in co-operation with the Hochparterre magazine and, in 2004, was honoured as one of the most beautiful Swiss books.

Text: German

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Mohsen Mostafavi, AA Publications, 2002

The House of Stone

This publication documents in full the making of the house, and contains a detailed discussion of the concepts underlying its design. A particular focus is the relation between the structural and the technical aspects of the project, which is described through engineering and working drawings as well as photographs of the house under construction.

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