Study Lengg Zurich

The architectural master plan distinguishes three urban typologies: the medical cluster around the existing institutions with their dense and multi-layered structure, the large and flat buildings of the PUK and the future children’s hospital in the depression on the grounds, and the free development of the EPI Clinic characterized by access roads and vistas.

The architectural master plan moreover addresses the client’s wishes for an extension by implementing three growth strategies: the EPI Clinic shall be further developed with individual buildings of a cubature blending into the neighbourhood with the greatest possible consideration of the cultural-heritage inventory. The new PUK buildings shall be realized in the garden bordering on the existing buildings in the south. The rhythm, symmetry, and storeys shall have to be based on the existing buildings. The cluster of medical buildings will favour a higher density than to date. The university/ETHZ building is located at the centre of the cluster and directly connected to the Balgrist Campus and will, thus, enable the desired synergies between the institutions. The buildings occupy the very edges of the neighbourhood and, thus, allow for a more random inner organization. Lengg Park is secured by positioning it as a free space among the building plots within the cluster. 


The architectural master plan allows all actors to grow in different ways and according to different dependencies. At the same time, it safeguards existing and important landscapes of regional significance and creates new, high-quality open spaces for patients, visitors, and neighbourhood residents. The positioning of the buildings allows for an efficient traffic management of the MIV to reduce emissions.



CLIENT: Department of Education and Health Department Canton Zurich, represented by Building Department Canton Zurich


Markus Peter, Patrick Rinderknecht

Benjamin Melly, Tobia Rapelli, Tobias Gagliardi

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Müller, Illien Landschaftsarchitekten, Zürich

TRAFFIC: IBV Hüsler, Zürich

Situationsplan Lengg