BGZ Neu-Tödi Horgen

The task of designing a settlement as an individual and communal place of living is both extremely topical and extremely challenging, as our fast-growing communities in the metropolitan area have few new public places. 

For this reason we have brought together all horizontal paths through the settlement into a small, dense centre in order to create a place where all communal uses are located, but also a place that uses all topographical and spatial elements to create a sense of community. The restaurant, the hall and especially the outdoor terrace with its chestnut garden are located on a platform and form one of these beautiful belvederes we know from excursion restaurants on the left bank of Lake Zurich and which so enchantingly and directly connect the view over the lake with the mountains. The corridor above the base floor, designed as both a path and gallery, leads to the communal terraces between the two long apartment wings and also organizes the movement in the vertical direction. However, this site is even more privileged due to its southern and western exposure to sunlight, which combines view and sun in a unique way.

The large form of the settlement does not only refer to the linear structures from the time of the silk industry, when Horgen was given the nickname of “Little Lyon”, but its bisection and division between the large scale and vertical rhythms of the balconies form one of the aforementioned communal places, creating a community that is also intended to connect several generations.



CLIENT: Baugenossenschaft Zurlinden, Zurich



Markus Peter, Patrick Rinderknecht, Alice Hucker

Leonie Amsler, Patrick Heller, Raphael Jans

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS: Miller, Illien Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Zurich

HVAC: Amstein+Walthert AG, Zurich

RENDERINGS: Fabien Schwartz, Zug



Ground floor plan

floor plans


care centre 3rd upper floor plan


facade section


chestnut garden

community platform