The Guggach II Block of Flats

The cruciform floor plan of the facility owes its shape to the special spatial location of the property in the city. The plot is adjacent to areas of quite different shapes and meanings: a compact settlement along one long side, the forest and a large area of allotment gardens.
The plan focuses on continuing on and embedding these neighbourhood givens into a very large courtyard on the premises. In according with this intention, the courtyards between the X-shaped parts of the property are formulated in a highly individual manner. The part oriented towards the large neighbouring settlement has an almost classical park-type structure, while the part towards the allotment gardens proposes a park system, whose interior mass is based on the delicate structure of the allotment gardens, while the forest is continued on the property as a controlled and relatively densely wooded park.
The flats are – in accordance with their orientation and view – mainly oriented towards diagonal vistas, seeking an unobstructed view. Bay windows, loggias, and window frames provide these views with shape and direction.

LOCATION: Guggach, Zurich Unterstrass


CLIENT: The UBS Pension Fund

MEILI, PETER ARCHITEKTEN: Marcel Meili, Markus Peter

Nathanaël Chollet, Patrick Rinderknecht,
Benjamin Melly, Lukas Eschmann, Aidan O’Shea

Planetage Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurich


BUILDING TECHNOLOGY: Ernst Basler + Partner, Zurich

RENDERINGS: nightnurse images, Zurich